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Serger Feet Kit


This kit for your Baby Lock Acclaim, Enlighten or Imagine ...

Solaris Foot Kit


Expand your creative possibilities with this 30-Piece Foot ...

Destiny Foot Kit


Try new decorative techniques with the 30 feet in this ...

Triumph Foot Kit


You can further expand the Triumph’s creative capabilities ...

Imagine Foot Kit


This kit for your Baby Lock Imagine or Eclipse includes ...

Accessory Feet Package


6 Accessory foot package for Imagine and Imagine Wave.

Ovation 7 Piece Foot Kit


7 Piece Foot and Accessory Upgrade Kit for Ovation.



This Adapter extends the mid-high shank of the machine.

Jazz 2 Exstension Table


Create a larger sewing surface to provide a sturdy surface ...

Q-Zone Hoop-Frame

Gace Company Q-Zone Hoop-Frame

Free Motion Quilting Foot


BLQP-FM Free Motion Quilting Foot

Euphoria Foot Kit


Euphoria Foot and Accessory Kit

Baby lock trolley bag


Baby lock Machine to class and on the road in this durable ...

Sashiko Extension Table


Larger Sewing Surface Table size: 18" x 24"

Clear Foot

Base price: $29.00

Baby Lock Clear Foot

Clear Foot


8 Thread Clear Foot

Clear Foot


Cover Stitch Clear Foot

Walking Foot with 3 Soles


Walking Foot with 3 Soles

Baby Lock Serger Trolley


Baby Lock Serger 4 Wheel Trolley

Baby Lock Serger Trolley


Baby Lock Serger Trolley - Small

Serger Trim Bin


Serger Trim Bin for all machines

Circular Sewing Attachment


Baby Lock Circular Sewing Atachment

Double Fold Bias Binder


Baby Lock Double Fold Bias Binder
Binder Size

Multi Needle Machine Cover


Machine Cover Multi Needle
Machine Type

Solaris Extension Table


Baby Lock Solaris Extension Table

Baby Lock Presser Foot

Base price: $99.99

BL3 Presser Foot, Baby lock #408-8101-00A

Baby Lock Straight Stitch Plate

Base price: $79.99

Straight Stitch Needle Plate & Foot, Baby Lock, Brother ...

Walking Foot (Low Shank)

"Dual Feed Foot" and "Even Feed Foot"

Embroidery Machine Stand, Baby lock

Base price: $1,749.00

Embroidery Machine Stand, Baby lock, Brother ALSTAND

Wide Cap Frame - ENCF

Base price: $529.00

Wide Cap Frame - ENCF Baby lock, Brother

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