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Serger Feet Kit


This kit for your Baby Lock Acclaim, Enlighten or Imagine ...

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Solaris Foot Kit


Expand your creative possibilities with this 30-Piece Foot ...

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Destiny Foot Kit


Try new decorative techniques with the 30 feet in this ...

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Triumph Foot Kit


You can further expand the Triumph’s creative capabilities ...

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Imagine Foot Kit


This kit for your Baby Lock Imagine or Eclipse includes ...

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Accessory Feet Package


6 Accessory foot package for Imagine and Imagine Wave.

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Ovation 7 Piece Foot Kit


7 Piece Foot and Accessory Upgrade Kit for Ovation.

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This Adapter extends the mid-high shank of the machine.

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Jazz 2 Extension Table


Create a larger sewing surface to provide a sturdy surface ...
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Q-Zone Hoop-Frame

Gace Company Q-Zone Hoop-Frame

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Free Motion Quilting Foot


BLQP-FM Free Motion Quilting Foot

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Euphoria Foot Kit


Euphoria Foot and Accessory Kit

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Baby lock trolley bag


Baby lock Machine to class and on the road in this durable ...

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Sashiko Extension Table


Larger Sewing Surface Table size: 18" x 24"
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Clear Foot

Base price: $29.00

Baby Lock Clear Foot
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Clear Foot


8 Thread Clear Foot

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Clear Foot


Cover Stitch Clear Foot

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Walking Foot with 3 Soles


Walking Foot with 3 Soles

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Baby Lock Serger Trolley


Baby Lock Serger 4 Wheel Trolley

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Baby Lock Serger Trolley


Baby Lock Serger Trolley - Small

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Serger Trim Bin


Serger Trim Bin for all machines

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Circular Sewing Attachment


Baby Lock Circular Sewing Atachment

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Double Fold Bias Binder


Baby Lock Double Fold Bias Binder

Binder Size

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Multi Needle Machine Cover


Machine Cover Multi Needle

Machine Type

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Solaris Extension Table


Baby Lock Solaris Extension Table

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Baby Lock Presser Foot

Base price: $99.99

BL3 Presser Foot, Baby lock #408-8101-00A

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Baby Lock Straight Stitch Plate

Base price: $79.99

Straight Stitch Needle Plate & Foot, Baby Lock, Brother ...

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Walking Foot (Low Shank)

"Dual Feed Foot" and "Even Feed Foot"

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Embroidery Machine Stand, Baby lock

Base price: $1,749.00

Embroidery Machine Stand, Baby lock, Brother ALSTAND

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Wide Cap Frame - ENCF

Base price: $529.00

Wide Cap Frame - ENCF Baby lock, Brother

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